Lighten Hair with Baking Soda and Peroxide?!

While I was looking up the healiest ways to bleach my hair, (since I had bleached it only months ago and didn’t want to lose my hair) I came across this sort-of-natural at home formula to lighten your hair.

It’s actually very simple and doesn’t even require you to measure anything because it’s safe to just estimate how much baking soda and peroxide to use to get a kind of paste consistency.


I took a plastic container that I don’t use to put food in and added the baking soda. Then I poured in the peroxide just enough to completely cover the baking soda. I didn’t really have anything to stir it with, so I just used my finger and that way I’ll feel the consistency of the mixture.

After putting on a shirt that I don’t care about staining, I added the mixture to all of my hair. Since I have a lot hair, I had to make quite a bit of this formula. But just make sure to add the mixture well to every part of your hair you want lightened.

Now that all the mixture is in, I tied my hair back with an elastic band and covered it all with a plastic bag.

I watched part of How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days while waiting for my hair to lighten, about an hour. Although I wouldn’t recommend leaving it in for that long since I had dark brown hair and I was aiming for dirty blonde.

RINSE OUT WELL. I showered after this and still had some gunk in my hair, so I had to go back in and rinse out again.


I was very happy with the results, way better than what I expected. It gave my hair a light brown-dirty blonde color like I wanted and it even looks natural! Would definitely recommend my friends to try it out. 🙂 This picture isn’t me, I found it on Google, but this is exactly my before and after hair color.


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